We love submissions!   We would love to look at your music with the intent of publishing it here on our website.  You may submit any Vocal, Choral or Instrumental piece of any style or genre.  HolySheetMusic is open to all religious denominations and beliefs.  We believe in great music, lyrics and musical expression.  Please follow a few simple guidelines before submitting.  (Submission link is below).  NOTE: you are protected under the copyright laws.  It is illegal for us to use your music without permission.  We take this seriously.  Any submission you send us will be handled with the upmost care.


Copyright.  Your music and lyrics must be free of any copyrights.  Simply, if you own your music and lyrics, we will be happy to look at your composition.   We cannot publish your music or song if it has been published by another publishing company that holds the copyright to your music.

Finale or Sibelius.   We will need a clean copy of your music in either Finale or Sibelius format.  Finale/Sibelius are the two standard music typesetting software used through the world.  We will accept submission created in either program.  If you don’t have your music in Finale or Sibelius, find a friend who knows the software that can help you.  If not, HolySheetMusic has talented typesetters that can help you out.   We charge $25.00 a page.

Patience.  We strive to be prompt in responding to your submissions.  We review new submissions every other week.  Once we receive your music, it will be put in the next review session.  It does take time to review a piece.  Three outcomes are possible: your music will be accepted; it will be kindly rejected; or we will ask you to make a couple of changes in order to publish your music.


We do not own your music or the copyright.  You retain all Intellectual Properties.

We do have your permission to publish and sell your music on our website as well as through our affiliates.  If you decide to not publish with us anymore, just give us a 30 day written notice to remove your music from our website.


HolySheetMusic is different in many ways – like not owning the copyright to your music.  We also have a better royalty structure.  After a 10% operational fee, you will receive 50% of the of monies received on our website.   Simply, if your music sells for $4.00 (as an example), we will take out 10% for operational costs (credit card fees, etc) leaving $3.60 which you will receive 50% ($1.80) for the sale of your music.  We will also sell your music to our affiliates at a wholesale price.  The wholesale price is a on four dollars is $2.40 (60%) which you will receive 50% ($1.20).  Remember, most publishers will only give you 10-12% of wholesale besides owning the copyright to your music.  Royalties are paid on a quarterly basis which includes a statement of each piece sold and number of copies.


If you’re interested in looking at our contract, please drop us a line at


Submit your pieces to: